Praneeth Chandra

Author- Doctor- Traveler


Everyone asked me, how did I enjoy my first day of the new year and New Decade?

The answer to all of them is that I worked four hours to release my New book happily with my favourite author Sri Nandhini.

While I worked for four hours she worked six hours, her work always inspire me to do great things.

Here is the link to the books written by author Sri Nandhini Ganesan

Here is the link to the books I have written.

The result of her inspiration is an anthology which I always wanted to write along with her.

This book was relased on January 1, 2021.

It’s a collection of poems with an array of love and hope.

Divided into seven chapters, from love to the family.
It’s all about falling in love madly, getting hurt deeply, bearing all the pain in darkness.

Still finding hope and waiting for a miracle to heal the broken heart, waiting for the love, makes me feel like home.

It is all about love and trusting the universe.

This book is a kindle version, and the paper back will be released soon.