Praneeth Chandra

Author- Doctor- Traveler



Love is everywhere. Love is captivating and motivating. Why did Krishna started Loving Radha? Why Did Radha and Krishna always end up being together? Is it really written in the destiny that Radha Krishna should be together? If not then what really happened with the Radha Krishna of this generation.
If something is really meant to be for us. Is it true that the entire universe converge and make it happen? Can anyone Love Radha with their Heart, Body, and Soul like how Krishna did?
This story is all about ‘How the story of Radha Krishna ended!’


I have never believed in the concept of soulmate until I met her. Nine thousand miles apart but still we are together. When I first spoke with her, I felt a connection, it wasn’t love or attraction, it was a strange unexpressed feelings. She crossed my path and entered the darkest rooms of my life and redecorated it with beautiful colours. We never met after getting into a relationship; she is stuck in New York, while I am in Hyderabad. We both share a dream, when the world is free from all the sufferings; we want to see the sunrise together holding hands.


When Lord Krishna said that ‘ in life, we may get many things but somehow we crave for the things or people whom we can’t have’. 

When we can’t express our feelings at the right time to the right person we might end up losing them forever. The exact same thing happened to me when I couldn’t express how I feel about her. But she also taught me that every relationship has an expiry date. While she left me someone wanted to prepare coffee for me. Maybe life is all about expecting for the arrival of the unexpected love to make us feel alive again.

While I lost my Radha, I found my Satyabhama who will definitely fight with me and obviously fight for me.


In this fast-paced, digital world I wanted to write old fashioned, snail-paced handwritten letters to my Priya. I know whom to write but I don’t know what to write. It was then I realised that every couple has to go through 7 stages of love. I know them but I’m not sure if my Priya knows them are not. I explained every stage of love with many stories and sometimes with our life experiences. So I decided to tell her about all these stages of love through handwritten letters. with every letter, I wrote our bond grew stronger and now we are happy. That’s the beauty of handwritten letters. it expresses many emotions and feelings which a normal text message can’t. If you feel like you are confused about what to write in a letter to your loved ones then here is a book with 36 letters, which you can gift to your loved ones to make them feel special. Love letters always touch heart and soul, not the body.