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My Mother Had a Dream

When I was 7, I wanted to be a police officer hunting down the criminals and making the society a…

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A great poet once said ‘sabar ka phal meeta hotha hai'( The fruits of patience are sweet).After a soul to…

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When I chased my Dreams!

I was taught that a bus, car or plane once missed is missed forever. But no one ever told me…

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Who Am I

Everyone has faced this question in their life- ‘who am I?’ for a few years this is the question that…

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Listen I want to tell you Something Important

She: Tell me something about you which no one knows? Until that day I was happy in a relationship. It…

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A Beautiful Moment

As usual after having my dinner I closed the door and started talking with my girl friend. No not on…

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In Search of Oneself

I always believe that a person, a book or a movie have something to teach us. CHANDU_WRITES When I wanted…

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To, Dear Priya, In my darkness filled life Amidst the stars On a no moon day To share your pain…

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Nameless Alliance

It was one such evening, I was bored and being Astrophile I went to the top of my apartment. There…

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My Kind Of Love

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.…

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Unrevealed Anecdote

Everyone has a story to tell but no one is ready to listen. Hi, I am Ram Chandra, my height…

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The duration of the relationship lies in the time and efforts to make it happen. Your efforts always make very small moments special. Your efforts made me feel like you are home and I can always come to you, that you made this long journey of not trusting in myself, making me believe in myself again.

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