Praneeth Chandra

Author- Doctor- Traveler



Hey, Unknown stranger or a Known friend.

I’m Praneeth Chandra. I’m 24 now and I’m doing my MBBS in Hyderabad. For a few years, I was interested in reading books. I’m an introvert but my communication skills depend upon the people around me. 

For me, Passion, Skills and Love are the trio that drives me. My Parents, Padmavathi and Prasad always motivated me to achieve my dreams.

My mother motivated me since childhood to become a doctor. Within a few months I will be a doctor saving lives. I’m more happy for fulfilling my Mom’s dream.

I’m an avid reader and a writer. I started writing in the year 2017. My mail genres of writings are Indian Mythology and Fictional Romance. I usually picks the names of the characters of my books from Mythology.

I’m very much into learning new things and to develop my skills. I always have a room to develop my skills in every way possible. I’m always into Travelling, Photography and Painting.