Everyone has faced this question in their life- ‘who am I?’ for a few years this is the question that was haunting me, but I haven’t found an answer until now.
this small poetry is about how I compared myself with the water, fire, air and earth.
still, I haven’t found the answer to my question
maybe this might be an unanswerable question
Who Am I? Or What Am I?
Am I Not The Happiest Soul Alive?
Or Am I The Saddest Soul Living?
What Else I Become Or
Who Else I Can Be
I Can Be the Worst Person the History Can Ever Heard
Or Else
I Can Be the Best Person the World Can Ever Dream Off
Am I Not Made Up Of Water?
Light Enough to Come Out As Tears Yet
Strong Enough to Drench Someone’s Attitude
Am I Not Made Up Of Earth?
Light Enough to Withstand Your Ego Yet
Strong Enough To Become Your Grave
Am I Not Made Up Of Air?
Light Enough to Support Your Life Yet
Strong Enough To Pollute Your Lungs
Am I Not Made Up Of Fire?
Light Enough to Ignite Your Heart Yet
Strong Enough To Explode Your Soul.

If someone has the answer to the question kindly let me know in the comment section.