I was taught that a bus, car or plane once missed is missed forever.

But no one ever told me that I still have the chance of chasing them.

When I first failed no one ever told me that I can chase for the things I want until I reach them.

But once after realizing that I can actually chase for the things I love.

I was always in love with my life.

There was a quote ‘people live the same year for 75 years and they call it as life’.

It was after failing I realized I can’t live the same year for 78 more years

When my father asked me to give upon my writing career.

I gave up without thinking because I love and respect him.

What ever I am today, I am all because of him.

I am a medical student, a traveler, a photographer, an artist and a writer.

But what ever he asks me to do, he always said that out of responsibility.

He always wanted me to be a good doctor rather than a commercial one.

I never wrote anything from that day.

There were nights I cried so badly but keeping I kept my blanket in my mouth so that they don’t hear me crying.

I use to get up in the middle of night’s just to write a quote or a paragraph that was in my thoughts from that morning.

Writing is my passion it was then I realized I can’t give upon this.

Writings make me feel alive and I actually feel like I am living a new life every year.

Being a medical student I never got time to write.

I was always busy with my clinical postings, theory classes and books.

But there was something about writing, I know that makes me feel alive but what should I do when I don’t have time?

It was then I stopped attending my theory classes for many days.

I use to return home in the afternoon.

I use to sit in my room and I use to write.

I told my parents that I was busy doing some research about a topic in my medicine.

At last I completed my book in 10 days.

I worked for about 8 hours without sleep just to write my book.

There were many sleepless nights.

I couldn’t concentrate on my studies until I wrote my book.

I couldn’t read, write, talk with people or do anything that I use to do everyday until I completed writing.

All my thoughts were on completing my book.

After writing my first book. I don’t know what to do with my first book!

Thanks to Google! It helped in finding out about amazon kindle direct publishing.

It was then I uploaded it on amazon kindle direct publishing.

There was no encouragement from my parents neither they know that I write.

I never told any of my friends until I wrote my first book.Neither I told any of them until I published my book.

Out of fear of judgement I never published anything.

When I conquered my fear and published my first book.

I felt like I have won an invisible war, My broken dreams were reattached, My days started to feel live again, I wasn’t a abundant home anymore.

I became everything I always wanted to be.

When a friend of mine called and told me that my book is really good I felt nothing. He even told me that he gave the e-book copy to his father too.

Uncle knows me since few years he didn’t expect that I write this well.

Even then I never felt anything.

After few more days another friend of mine called me.

She told me that she only reads my quotes and writings.

She still remember something I wrote few years ago and she is still impressed for that.

She told me that she even discusses about my writings with some of her friends.

Even then I didn’t feel anything.

I feel like I am lifeless.

I still remember I was in my 5th class.

There was a running race and I won that race.

Every one was clapping and cheering.

At some point everyone stopped but my father he didn’t stop.

He was clapping, whistling and shouting at my victory.

But today he doesn’t support me to be a writer.

May be someday when I become a good writer, I wish my father will cheer me, clap for me, whistle for my success.

May be some day when I get paid for reading my book. I will take that money to my parents and I will proudly tell them that I followed my passion and today I am a writer who just published his first book.

If any one want to read my books just in case I am placing the link below for the e-book and paper back.