Everyone has a story to tell but no one is ready to listen.

Hi, I am Ram Chandra, my height is 5.10 taller than the average Indian men. I am much fair with a well-built body. I am an international sportsperson and won some international titles too in my sporting career. I have everything in my name, fame, power and money.

This might be the reason why I am very proud of myself. I feel as a person hotter, smarter and talented than others. The only problems with humans when they have everything they take things for granted and feel like as if we are gods. Nothing lasts forever even name, fame, power and money.

Everything in my life changed when I met Radha three years ago. Radha, the most beautiful and talented girl. Every other guy dream of becoming her girlfriend but when it comes to me she proposed to me. The story starts way back in 2016.

Apart from being handsome, smart and talented, I do study. My dream is to become a doctor. Being Indian and a person born in higher caste I fought a mini-sized war with this society and education system to get a free seat. At the end, due to caste-based education system, I couldn’t get a seat in India. I decided to go abroad and study.

I decided to fly to the Philippines, for my further education. The only reason why I choose that country is that it has environmental conditions similar to our sub-continent. New country, far from home and restrictions for the initial months I felt as if I am a bird now free from my cage. I joined my college and I was happy within in a month I became my class representative.

My following in my class gradually increased, everyone was around me and my pride increased. It was in December 2016 I saw an Indian in the adjacent class. She was more beautiful than my previous girlfriends. I took less than two months to make her propose me. I was happy and she was happier. For me, I have to conquer the entire world and I need to impress more and more girls but for her, I was the world.

A simple good morning text from me was enough for her to be a happy whole day. We both were cute couple everyone was jealous looking at us. I never cared for her and she never complained. She never even questioned me even when I crossed all my limits with other girls. We both informed in our houses and they agreed to it and she was happy that we were going to get married shortly.

She uses to see me flirting with other girls but never asked me to stop. She gave me all the freedom I never asked for. But I restricted her from many things. She even stopped using her Facebook just because I don’t like when she uses it. But I use to change my profile picture every week with a new girl beside.

She stays around 200 meters from my house but I use to walk a kilometer to meet my friends I never met her. The only time she uses to be with me was in college. The pride and greed inside a person makes him an inhuman and I am one among them. I saw a girl who was two years elder to me and I was flirting with her and Radha never knew that I was flirting with her. The girl was from Philippine.

She asked me a hundred times if am just attracted to her or else am I loving her. Always my answer would be its love and not attraction. While I was busy with this girl, Radha was waiting in her room just a good morning message from me.

One day Radha saw my mobile and there was a message popping in my notification ‘I love you’ from that girl. Even after seeing that Radha didn’t react she wasn’t angry while leaving she told me that ‘sometimes it hurts a lot’ and I didn’t react to that. When someone loves us unconditionally we take them for granted until we lose them.

After our first year, we have our winter vacations. It was just two days prior before our flight Radha called me and said ‘if you ever want to see me, come and meet me now and I am not going to come back to the Philippines after this’. As I took her for granted I didn’t take that call as a serious note and we both reached India.

While I am India that girl I flirted was becoming very serious about loving me. She even committed suicide twice when I told her that I am going to leave her. Instead of going and meeting Radha in her town I was busy consoling this girl. After reaching the Philippines I was with this girl consoling her and we had sex.

It was after that day I realized what mistake I had done and that was the most terrific mistake I have ever done. The worst thing a human can ever do is making a person to fall in love when he has no intention of being together at the end. After a month I realized one more thing that Radha didn’t come back and instead she went to the USA for her education.
Even when Radha was in the USA she use to text me a good morning and good night message every day and I failed to reply to her every day. She texted me continuously for 7 months and 15 days just waiting for my reply and after that day she never texted me. We never know the value of a person until they are gone.

I texted her again after 4 months. I was texting her daily she saw my message and didn’t reply to me for the next three days. The fourth day she replied to me ‘I am busy can’t talk to you right now’. For the next three days, her reply was the same. Fourth day I got angry and asked why she can’t talk to me. Her reply showed me what I lost in my life. Her reply was ‘I can’t talk because I am getting married’.

I didn’t believe her. I asked to send me pictures and sent me those pictures. I was in the Philippines not knowing what to do. Her marriage was in two days and even if I book a chartered flight and reach India on time what I can do because I already lost her. I locked myself inside a room for 10 days.

I was constantly drinking for 10 days it was on 11th day I got admitted in hospital because my kidneys were overloaded with alcohol and I was vomiting whatever I try to drink or eat. It was 1st January and I was in a hospital bed. My new year never started this bad. I was discharged on 2nd January. I reached my room and took my 750 CC bike and constantly drove for 70 kilometers on the highway just with a thought of ending my life.

I was thirsty and stopped near a coffee shop. Then there was a call from my mom from India. This call changed me. I told my mom everything and she supported me and even insisted me to come back to India but then I realized leave about that girl there is a family for me waiting in India.

Life has to move on. Pain it changes everything. How much ever I am going to cry I am not going to get her. How much ever I share with my friends my pain is never going to reduce. I can’t tell my parents how I am feeling now. I want to sit in a dark room just think that’s it…
This is the story of my friend whom I met after 2 years. He was everything what I ever wanted to become. He was my inspiration. When I laughed at him after hugging that he turned from Mr.Fit to Mr.Fat. I never knew there was a story behind that. He was the most jovial person I have ever seen even my parents were impressed with him. But now he lost all his charm.

Pain and heartbreak they change people and I lost my friend two years ago who was a happy soul. Now he is just living a life no one ever wants to live. Simply he is living. Living for the sake of his family. There are two types of funerals I attended those two. In the first type, the person will is dead and our body and mind adjust to it

In the second type, we lose a person because of our arrogance and pride and in this funeral, our memories will burn us until we are dead. I hope that someday he will be back formed that pain and lead a normal life. People almost mastered the art of hiding their pain with a smile. This is why I always look into people’s eyes but my friend even mastered hiding pain from his eyes.

Everyone has a story to tell but no one is ready to listen which is why I write…