It was one such evening, I was bored and being Astrophile I went to the top of my apartment.

There I saw a girl, I have seen her many times before but I never had guts to talk with her.

It was on that day she came and spoke with me.

It all started with a casual HI but ended up sharing many things about each other.

From the stories of college to the haunting relationships in the pastI felt like crying while sharing some incidents while she cried while sharing her things.

One thing was sure we both are the victims of our past.

She never shared her past with someone, I don’t know what made me special in her eyes but she shared a lot about her.

I felt like there was an unknown connection between us.

Nothing was planned on that day, but it just happened, It happened as if that was meant to happen.

If something is meant to happen the whole universe will make it happen no matter what

That night I slept peacefully, not thinking about anything.

I remember crying that night, but I was not in pain neither I was happy.

I felt like that conversation was something.

It’s like two broken souls coming together and helping each other in healing

She was just a nameless soul and we share a nameless alliance.

After that day she never left my thoughts

I was preoccupied with her thoughts during days and nights.

I met her only once but from then many times in my memories while awake and in dreams while I am sleeping

The next day, I called few of my friend and told them everything.

They were neither excited nor disappointed but they only concern was that I shouldn’t get hurt again

Everyday I waited for her on the terrace for 5 hours but none of the days she came.

Getting stuck with someone thoughts and unable to meet them is the worst feeling ever.

sleep was out of my reach.

I was unable to workout, read books, write something, play guitar or study.

7 days, 37 hours and many more thoughts went in vain thinking about her.

If something is meant to happen, it will happen in the most unexpected place and time.

Waiting for the someone’s arrival or something to happen is the worst feeling ever.

It was after talking to her I decided not to wait for anything or anyone anymore.