When I was 7, I wanted to be a police officer hunting down the criminals and making the society a clean place to survive.

I told the same to my mother, she told me that hurting is easy but healing isn’t that easy. Standing for someone and helping them to achieve a beautiful life isn’t that easy. Saving a person from his mental, physical, psychological and social suffering isn’t that easy.

It was on that day I wanted to be a doctor and told her the same, but this time she asked me to dream and achieve it. I didn’t knew the meaning of any of those lines when she told me.

It was when I failed I understood failing and hurting oneself is easy but healing from failure is tough.

I thought standing for someone whom we love is tough but It was Captain America in End Game who taught me that fighting for a cause is easy as he was ready to fight an entire army just to stand for his loved ones.

It was simple, my mother had a dream of me becoming a doctor, It was her dream and I will fulfil it. Every mother had a dream of their child living a life capable of helping, standing,loving and fighting for their loved ones