The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.


When I first read this quote a few years ago, I didn’t knew that this quote will be so important in my life.

It was a time when I had nothing but to dream about things I wanted to do and to have in my life

But in everyone’s life there comes a point where we have to raise our butt from the place we are sitting and we have to run errands just to reach for it.

Before I go into a permanent sleep I want to achieve something in my life, may be little one but I want to go for it.

I want to go to mountains, stand there still, alone and tall.

Why can’t I travel the whole world learning new traditions, cultures and customs.

Sitting under the sky counting on the number of starts and enjoying northern lights is my kind of romance

I want to Propose her in front of the Eiffel tower by kneeling down.

Holding hands and forehead kisses are my kind of promises

Walking in the woods discussing dreams and ambitions are my kind of care

Possibly before my body turn cold and is buried underground I want to love and travel a little more