She: Tell me something about you which no one knows?

Until that day I was happy in a relationship.

It was then a mutual friend called me after many days.

I was excited upon seeing her call,

She told me that my girlfriend and one of my best friend’s slept together.

On that day there was a function going in my house.

I badly wanted to cry but there was no place.

Every corner of my house was filled with someone who knows me.

So, I went downstairs and went to my car,

it was parked in the cellar of our apartment.

I kept songs on a high volume and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.

It was then I decided not to share any of my things with any one any more,

From that day neither I never loved any one or shared my things with some one.

It doesn’t matter if you know that person since many days, months or years,

sometimes it’s better to leave a best friend just for your happines

It’s better to breakup with that person with whom you were in a relationship,

Sometimes it’s better to leave who is stealing your mental happiness.

It doesn’t matter if you are friends since 15 years,

leave them when they don’t respect your decisons.

You might be in a relationship since few months,

but leave them when they can’t see you happy.

Why should we hold on to any relationship,

when they see you suffering and aren’t willing to help you!

What’s stopping you from leaving them?

their sweet lies, glossy kisses, or painful memories!

Do you think you deserve all those?

I don’t think any one need to be suffered!

I just left a relationship that was making me mentally weak,

and I’m happy for that.

I just left a friend who I know since 15 years because

he couldn’t respect my decisions,

and I am happy for that.

I am happy, I am proud, and I am not sad because,

I choose myself and my physical and mental health.

This is the biggest lesson I learnt after getting betrayed in

love and friendship