I always believe that a person, a book or a movie have something to teach us.


When I wanted to travel the whole world, my fears, judgments and responsibilities stopped me.

I am very passionate about travelling.

But my passion was restricted to planning trips and cancelling them.

Most of my plans got cancelled due to restrictions and responsibilities.

When a bird is given responsibilities along with restrictions it will never fly.


I always had time, money and courage to travel.

When I left all my fears, discouragements, frustation on my table and left to travel the world.

I found myself deep inside the caves, on top of mountains, on the seashores, in the woods and in the deserts.


My only goal was to spread happiness in the world filled with sadness.

I started meeting new people, learned new customs, cultures and traditions.

When we know where we belong, there is no turning back.

After travelling for many months, I realized that I belong to Mountains, beaches, forest woods, deserts and not to humans anymore.

I was free, alive and happy all these months.

But whenever I feel sick, I always missed my mother’s lap and father’s care.

To gain something in life, I lost something.

Something that was most important and needy.

Love is something, every being is in need of.

I found my love in travelling, learning, photography and writing.

Go Ahead! Fly and find yourself.

Until… Next Time..