As usual after having my dinner I closed the door and started talking with my girl friend.

No not on a call but by going through all the old pictures imagining as if she is beside me and I am telling her about my day.

I guess today I talked a little more, I was feeling anxious and before I get another anxiety attack for the day. I want to run away.

The only thing I got on my mind was my bike. Without letting my parents know that I am sneaking out.

I successfully came out of my bike and I started driving my bike to Osmania University the oldest and largest university of Hyderabad.

At exactly 10.27pm The main building was illuminated with lights all over and in he garden in front of the main campus.

I have seen few friends chit chatting about their dreams and ambitions. I have seen children happily playing with their parents.

There were few married couples enjoying their romantic walks in the summer nights.

After passing the campus I saw a black colored swift desire car parked on the side road.

A couple was beside the car I could clearing see their faces because the moon was almost full and the light illuminating from the moon was damn high.

  The guy was around 5.11 in height and he was wearing a black shirt. The girl was around 5.6 in height and she was wearing a light green colored kurthi.

Both had a smile on their face revealing their state of mind happiness. And the very next moment the guy pulled the girl towards her by keeping her right hand on her waist and his left hand was in between the curls of her hair.

The very moment their lips interlocked and I was out of the scene.

Just few seconds after getting out the scene. I had a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes indicating my state of mind nostalgia.

I wasn’t anywhere or anyhow concerned with their moment and I was just thinking someone else moment made me smile. Imagine how happy that couple were at that moment.

May be I am the unknown and unwanted person in their moment who was equally happy. All my anxiety was gone.

If I could ever capture that moment that will be the best photograph I would ever click but as a writer I only know how to write and I tried to express that moment in the most beautiful way possible.