24 December 2020


Dear Priya, 

The duration of the relationship lies in the time and efforts to make it happen. Your efforts always make very small moments special. Your efforts made me feel like you are home and I can always come to you, that you made this long journey of not trusting in myself, making me believe in myself again. 

I know life can’t always be a non-stop adventurous, heart-throbbing thrills, a breath gasping race all the time, but when it slows down. I know I can come to you, sit beside you, hold your hand, rest my head on your shoulder and talk to you. I know your efforts will make me feel that I’m travelling at the speed of the light. 

When with you I don’t mind moving gently through each dark and even in narrow rooms, because you make every effort to turn darkness to light and narrow to widen just for me. While you end up crushing between the narrow walls and stuck in the darkness. Before you get caught in those things I will just pull you out with me, because I can’t survive without you. 

I just clicked with you so naturally that all these beautiful efforts are making our relationship more beautiful than I have ever imagined. It just feels like we have known since ages and you were my home since the beginning, I’m so comfortable with you. Maybe that is what soulmate is all about, we don’t share every since thing in common but we feel like home. A home without any insecurities and obsessions. 

Some of my wildest journey started with a wrong decision. Sometimes we take a wrong decision and we regret it as a failure or we have a pang of guilt until it turns out to be the catalyst from some extraordinary event in our life. I didn’t know that joining in a simple online course for writing would have made such a great difference in my life. Because I have got a person who will put up all the efforts just to make me smile. 

The only thing that humans can’t buy, repair, save or fix is time. I always wanted to spend it wisely. I love to save it most of the time. With that saved time I will love all the people around me. But when I realised you are saving time for me in your busy schedule. I felt like I was blessed that you are there who thinks alike and makes me happy. 

You are one of the rarest ones and so effortlessly you are yourself and I started loving it and became my world. I can just be with you on a rainy Sunday afternoon doing nothing and we shall dream of doing everything in life. You became so important to me that I became a desperate creature always afraid of losing you. 

After being with people who played with my emotions, mind and disrupted the security to the point where I ended up thinking that I am not up to the mark to love anyone or lucky enough to receive love from anyone. Now I realised that I wasn’t wrong, they were wrong and now that I have found the right one for me I’m ready to put up all the efforts I can to make you happy. 

One night I was killed by the person whom I loved so much, I never knew what heartbreak was until then. I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, crying until my eyes ached, gasping for a breath and I could see the entire darkness filled my room. Nothing was running in my mind except the thought of dying. I had many panic attacks from then 

I spent a lot of time, I made sure that even in my busy schedule I have time for her. I almost did everything, I have put every effort to make her feel special. But now when you are putting all the efforts you can to make me feel special. I realise that every good thing we do will come back to us in the unexpected forms from unexpected people but at the right time and right place. 

You are just a tornado of happiness, gratitude and acceptance. You just changed my world by being a warm, soft-hearted and soft-spoken person. I realised that we don’t have to move mountains to make someone fall in love, it just simple efforts will make a lot of impact on the person and if they are intelligent they will never lose a person like you. I think im intelligent enough that I took the right decision. 

When I saw your eyes for the very few seconds I know that those hold a lot of love for me and moist in the eyes told me how much I mean to you. I don’t mind if you are wild, I want you to roar hard so hard that people who try to play with you should know that you can turn evil too. 

I don’t know if im screwed or lucky but whenever I talk with you I notice the curve of your lips, that smile has something, that makes me feel normal instantly, the colour of your eyes, and I notice everything about you. I wanna put all the efforts I can just to make sure that I can see them, in reality, this distance is very painful. 

The best love is unexpected and I found an instant connection with you and the chemistry, physics or maths we share between us is just extraordinary. I didn’t pick you up or fingers crossed yours, it just happened that I fell in love with you in a blink of the eye.

 I know im dating not just you, im dating your nervousness, confusions, your 2 am sadness and 3 am happiness. Your period pains, your happiness, your loud laugh and your love. I wanna date everything about you. I will put up every effort to make you feel special and feel magical about our relationship. 

Your efforts made me believe that you are my home and I belong to you and you belong to me. Some people travel to mountains, beaches, fields, grounds, space to find it but I have found it in you.


Your Chandu